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ASL Solutions Insulated Colossal Round Barn Dog House CRB Palace, Tan/Brown

ASL Solutions Insulated Colossal Round Barn Dog House CRB Palace, Tan/Brown

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  • ASL insulated dog house sized for extra-large or multiple dogs
  • 2"–4" of Styro/EPS insulation in base, roof, panels and door 
  • Easy pass-through insulated door with removable bottom
  • Easy assembly with 9 short steps and just 12 screws


The ASL Solutions® Insulated Colossal Round Barn Dog House CRB Palace™, Tan/Brown is a fully insulated dog house that is perfectly sized for either your extra-large dog or for multiple dogs. Made with special insulation, the ASL dog palace will keep your dog warm during the winter and cool during the summer. Purchase this CRB Dog Palace dog house to provide your animals a comfortable, durable and temperate home that you can conveniently keep in your backyard.

How Is the ASL Solutions Insulated Colossal Round Barn Dog House CRB Palace Constructed?

This ASL Insulated Dog House is constructed with 2" of insulation in each of its side panels, as well as 4" of Styro/EPS foam insulation in the roof, base and door. This insulation provides optimum comfort and a healthy temperature for your dog. At temperatures of 40°F, the CRB Dog Palace insulated dog house stays at a comfortable 70°F.

The ASL Solutions dog house is twice the size of the classic Dog Palace®, fitting large and extra-large dogs with shoulder heights greater than 26.5". Specifically, the interior is 38" in diameter and 39.5" high.

What Other Features Come With the ASL CRB Dog Palace?

The ASL Insulated Dog Palace features an easy pass-through, self-closing door with a detachable bottom half for your pooch to enter and exit easily, as well as keeping the wind to a minimum. The CRB Dog Palace is also constructed with a sloped floor with a drain. This design makes for easy cleaning and draining, as all you need to do is hose down the floor and allow the water to drain out. The floor itself is raised by 4" to ensure that it remains dry and warm during wet weather for your pet's comfort.

With an innovative design and unique insulation, the ASL Solutions Insulated Colossal Round Barn Dog House CRB Palace, Tan/Brown is a comfortable and durable home for multiple dogs or your extra-large pooch. With the ASL Solutions CRB Dog House, your loved one will have a cozy, temperate space to himself, while you preserve the look and feel of your backyard or porch.


Sloped floor with drain makes cleaning a breeze—just hose down and let the water drain out

10-year warranty against cracks and breakage

Floor is raised to provide a dry and warm bedding area

Twice the volume of the Dog Palace

Self-storing window panels easily reposition from winter's closed position to summer's cross ventilation position without tools

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