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ASL Solutions Grey Insulated Dog Palace & Bed Combo

ASL Solutions Grey Insulated Dog Palace & Bed Combo

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  • Insulated dog house to keep your pet warm
  • Dog door is simple and easy to use
  • Quick and easy assembly
  • Includes bed
  • Great for winter


When it comes to giving your dog his space, he usually decides to hang around wherever you go. You could be on the couch, enjoying a movie with your children or significant other, or laying in bed, ready to sleep after a long day. Your dog will show that he's your best friend and come sleep right next to you and the wife on your full-size bed. While that sounds great, you could provide the dog with his own little home, inside or out of the house with the ASL Solutions Grey Insulated Dog Palace® & Bed Combo. Your best friend might give you some more privacy from time to time.

How Can the ASL Solutions Grey Insulated Dog Palace & Bed Combo Be Used Outdoors?

During the development of the ASL Solutions Grey Insulated Dog Palace & Bed Combo, rigid testing was conducted to ensure that the combo could be placed outside or inside the house. The unit is suitable outdoors because the average temperature inside is about 30°Ft higher than actual temperatures. This means that as long as it isn't too hot, or freezing cold, the ASL Dog Palace works great outside. As an insulated dog house, the unit works perfectly for minor interruptions in the weather pattern.

Is the Dog Palace Insulated Dog House Safe to Use?

The ASL Dog House works great for various forms of weather. It is not suitable for extreme weather conditions. During cold conditions, it becomes a great winter dog house. The ASL Solutions Insulated Dog Palace is also made with EPS foam, which is safe and reliable for keeping the dog house intact and secure from outside elements.

Does the Dog Palace Take Long to Assemble?

Not at all. Assembly of the unit can be done immediately upon arrival. Just follow a few instructions and your best friend will have his new palace and dog house combo up in no time.


2-4 inches of real foam (Styro/EPS) insulation in each and every panel

Includes bed specifically made

Soft, washable with Cord Port for maximum comfort when using electric heating pad (sold separately)

Easy pass-through, self-closing, well-fitted insulated door (not a "flap")

Dog Palace sized for medium to large dogs (Lab through St. Bernard)

Self-storing window panes easily reposition from winters Closed position to summers Open cross ventilation position without tools

Insulated floor raised 4" to provide dry and warm bedding area

Sloped floor has drain hole to make cleaning a breeze

Just hose down and water runs out

Pets can see out while they rest in comfort (see-through window in door)

Makes beautiful addition to backyard while keeping dog clean, warm and comfortable

Removable bottom half door for initial training (if desired)

Heater cord portal (allows cord exit rear panel ) keeps dog/owner from tripping over electrical cord

Optional floor heater available on (sold separately), item #: 018631

Optional solar exhaust fan available on (sold separately), item #: 018940

Palace assembled outside dimensions: 38.5" H x 31.5" W x 47.5" L

Palace assembled inside dimensions: 305." H x 24" W x 35.5" L

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