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Airborne Immune Support Effervescent Tablets, Zesty Orange (36 ct.)

Airborne Immune Support Effervescent Tablets, Zesty Orange (36 ct.)

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  • Vitamin C plus 13 vitamins, minerals, and herbs
  • Fast-acting absorption formula with delicious zesty oragne flavor
  • Easy to add to your favorite beverage
  • An excellent source of zinc, selenium, and manganese
  • Packed with 1000 mg. Vitamin C for immune support*


Airborne Effervescent Tablets have a fast-acting absorption formula with delicious flavors that can be added to your favorite beverage. This blend of vitamins, minerals, and herbs helps you get rid of your cold faster or keep colds at bay.

A Delicious Source of Vitamin C and Zinc

Airborne Effervescent Tablets provide immune support* in great-tasting flavors and easy-to-take form. Each serving (1 tablet) delivers a blast of 1000 mg. of Vitamin C and 13 vitamins, minerals, & herbs (including Vitamins A and E, Zinc, Selenium, Manganese and Magnesium. Also contains a proprietary herbal blend with Echinacea and Ginger). 

Airborne offers a blast of immune support with its crafted blend of vitamins, minerals, and our proprietary herbal blend which includes echinacea and ginger. Vitamin C works on a cellular level to help maintain proper functioning of immune cells. Antioxidants like Zinc help fight free radicals (the stuff that can harm cells). 

How to Use 

Each easy-to-dissolve tablet makes a delicious, zesty orange effervescent drink. Just drop 1 tablet in 4-6 fl. oz. of water, let it dissolve aruound a minute, and drink. For lighter flavor, mix with more water.


Developed by a former school teacher, Airborne products are a specially crafted blend of vitamins, minerals, and herbs designed to help support you and your families immune systems.* 




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