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Advantus Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer- No-touch digital with Instant Reading and Fever Alarm

Advantus Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer- No-touch digital with Instant Reading and Fever Alarm

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  • Quick and easy way to detect a fever with color-coded results
  • A great hygienic way of screening groups of people without having to clean or reset the thermometer
  • Reduces risk of cross contamination
  • One-touch no-contact scan allows temperature to be taken without disturbing the target person or object
  • Easy retakes to confirm readings


Check temperatures safely and quickly with this non-contact infrared thermometer from Advantus. Simply point, click and read. This easy-to use one-touch operation allows you to read temperatures of the forehead, body, surface, ambient and objects in just one second. This is a hygienic alternative to regular thermometers, and has a quick read LCD backlit display featuring a red or green glow. No more guessing, or waiting minutes for results, this is an accurate, instant and safe non-contact thermometer.

How To Use

Insert two AAA batteries (included). Turn the thermometer on by pressing the ON/OFF button located on the front of the thermometer. To choose the temperature mode (Body or Object), slide the switch on the left-hand side of the thermometer. Slide the switch downwards to enter object temperature mode and slide the switch upwards to enter body temperature mode. Once the mode is set the device is ready for use.

Aim thermometer no more than two inches away from the object or forehead. Press the SCAN button located on the front of the thermometer for one second. You will hear a long beep and the temperature will appear on the display screen. If you hear a short beep, press the scan button again to re-read temperature.

To switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit: Start in off mode, hold down the SCAN button for 8 seconds then release. Then press the SCAN button again to change the setting. Then press the ON/ OFF button to turn thermometer off to save the change and then turn back on to take a temperature.


  • Temperature range 89.6°f – 109.2°f (Body temp.)
  • Non-touch to forehead for approx.1.5 sec @ 2 inches
  • 30 memories, beeper function
  • Fever alarm (> 37.5℃ / 99.5°f)
  • Auto shut off
  • 2 color back-lit LED screen
  • 2 AAA Batteries



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