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Advanced Pure Air Newport 'Ultra' Air Purifier with UV-C

Advanced Pure Air Newport 'Ultra' Air Purifier with UV-C

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  • A low-energy way to clean the air in your home and office

  • Remove up to 99.97% of the dust in your environment

  • Monitor your air quality with the easy-to-read LCD control screen

  • Night-operating mode is quiet and comforting

  • HEPA filter makes home hypoallergenic and removes dust, pollen and  bacteria​


The easiest way to get rid of dust mites and other airborne allergens is to have purified air. The good news is there are plenty of portable air purifiers like the Advanced PureAir™ Newport ‘Ultra’ Air Purifier which is the perfect solution for your home or office.

Instead of worrying about your allergies acting up at work, use the best air purifier to keep the place clear of all irritants. Room air filters are perfect for folks who need their space to be proper. For a house, an air purifier is a great tool for families with children that have allergies. In home with pets, the hour air purifier does the job keeping animal dander out of the air.

Why Are Air Filters a Need for a Home or Office?

The air we breath has much more than just oxygen in it. There are lots of microscopic particulates in the air and they affect our breathing. Folks with allergies are especially vulnerable to different particulates in the air. The Advanced PureAir does a great job removing the different particulates from the air.

This quiet, stylish air purifier does the job inconspicuously. Instead of having to turn on and listen to a loud purifier, this one does the job discreetly. It can tuck into a corner of a room and be out of the way. It brings in the bad air and returns filtered, proper air into the room.

How Does the Newport ‘Ultra’ Work?

With updated technology designed to keep air moving, this Advanced PureAir model is sure to find its way into all homes and offices as an essential piece of equipment. The first thing to notice is this air purifier is 99.97% effective when it comes to getting rid of harmful particles. These particles could be as small as .3 microns.

The reason this air purifier is so effective is due to the HEPA filter. This filter is a master at getting rid of the small problems in the air. Be it cigarette smoke or just ordinary dust, it gets the job done. The nine-stage detection and purification system stand out due to the thoroughness that’s built in.

Finally, the best parts are the LCD controls. Instead of guessing how well the air purifier is performing, this unit gives real-time assessments of air quality and how well it is remedying the situation. This high level of control makes the air purifier more customizable than anyone could ever imagine. With low energy consumption and noiseless operation, this air purifier is the merging of convenience and performance.

Benefits of the Advanced PureAir Air Purifier

Perhaps the biggest advantage is the air purifier will cover 1,200 square feet. This is the size of a small home. Having this level of coverage guarantees that people who are sensitive to allergens in the air won’t be negatively affected in your home. Instead of breathing in air that’s infused with particles, simply plug in the filter and enjoy fresh air inside the home.

With an easy to change filter along with a remote control, there’s unmatched comfort in this air purifier. Get fresh air in your home today.



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