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Otto'S Naturals Cassava Flour, 1 Lb (Case of 2)

Otto'S Naturals Cassava Flour, 1 Lb (Case of 2)

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Welcome! We’re so glad you’re here. We (Sadie, John, and our son little Otto) founded Otto’s Naturals out of a personal need. We couldn't find a grain-free flour that didn't TASTE grain-free, so we set out to solve that problem. 2 years later, Otto's Naturals was born!We strive to bring joy and a feeling of inclusion back to allergen-friendly eating for all. We want to help you create food that tastes so good, no one will know it’s allergen-free. Food so good the whole family will happily enjoy it together. No more making multiple dinners for the family. No more feelings of exclusion. No more tasteless meals. Otto’s mission is to provide a platform of grain-free/allergen-free options to families everywhere that are not only easy to use but delicious too.Otto's Naturals Cassava Flour is a Game-Changing, Single-Ingredient, Gluten-Free, Grain-Free, Nut-Free, Paleo flour with the taste and texture of wheat! It's also really easy to use In most recipes either sub it in 11 by weight or, if your recipe calls for cups, just reduce flour volume by 25%. It's a whole food you can feel good about. You no longer have to sacrifice taste or texture for your health because Grain-Free Just Got Easy!What is Cassava though, you ask? Also known as yuca, cassava is a delicious and sustainable root vegetable that becomes the perfect alternative for wheat when dried and ground using our proprietary method. Made from the entire root, minus the peel, Otto's Naturals provides the most premium cassava flour on the market – a truly clean alternative that bakes and tastes like all-purpose flour.Please check our recipe section out to see the possibilities for yourself! It's a whole food you can feel good about and we can't wait for you to try it!



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