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Simply Keto Nutrition Pancake Mix, 8.8 Oz (Case of 2)

Simply Keto Nutrition Pancake Mix, 8.8 Oz (Case of 2)

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NOW USING ALLULOSE AS A SWEETENER No more sugar-free aftertaste. Fantastic taste and amazing health all in one package! DO YOU KNOW WHY OUR PRODUCTS TASTE LIKE THE REAL THING? We use a proprietary process to mill and blend the ingredients to get rid of that gritty, cardboard taste that exists in other Keto products. So, no more grit, just great taste. DON'T YOU HATE HAVING TO MIX SUPPLEMENTS? Well, guess what? We include the perfect dose of MCT and Collagen in every serving. No more mixing, just eating So go ahead and treat yourself to these homemade Blueberry Pancakes. Every bite is packed with Collagen, Medium Chain Triglycerides, Almond Flour, and of course, real blueberry pieces. Each bag has a total of 4 servings; each serving makes up to 4 medium size pancakes. Discover a delicious Keto Friendly pancake mix that tastes like the real thing and is so easy to make all you need to do is add water.



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