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NUSH: Snickerdoodle Cookie, 1.6 oz (Case of 4)

NUSH: Snickerdoodle Cookie, 1.6 oz (Case of 4)

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Do you have a craving for something sweet? Maybe something with a little extra spice? Nush Foods has you covered with our wide selection of low-carb cookies and keto-friendly snacks. For a little sweet and spice, enjoy a low-carb snickerdoodle cookie that is both nutritious and delicious.We take pride in our selection of healthy cookies you can enjoy at any time throughout the day. Whether you need a boost of energy to make it through the rest of your afternoon, or you want to treat yourself at the start of your day, Nush Foods is here to help.Healthy Snickerdoodle CookiesAt Nush Foods, we think you should never have to compromise taste for your diet. Taking care of your body should be an empowering and exciting experience. But when you have to throw out all of your favorite treats and snacks, it can quickly begin to feel less than enjoyable. But with Nush Foods and our healthy low-carb snickerdoodle cookies, you can stick to your diet and enjoy a timeless favorite treat.We use natural ingredients that are certain to make your mouth water, and without any of the unnecessary sugar. With just one gram of sugar, we let the natural ingredients do all the talking in this hearty cookie. You can easily pack your snickerdoodle in your lunch so that your busy day can have a delicious twist when you decide to enjoy your cookie.We offer affordable prices and fast shipping so your cookies can arrive in no time at all. We want to help you achieve all of your health goals while still treating yourself whenever you feel like it. Our snickerdoodle cookies are low-carb, keto-friendly, gluten-free, diabetic-friendly, and free from dairy, so rest assured, you can stick to your diet with ease.



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