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Lonolife STICK Chicken BONE BROTH 4PK (2.120 OZ) (Case of 3)

Lonolife STICK Chicken BONE BROTH 4PK (2.120 OZ) (Case of 3)

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LONOLIFE: STICK CHKN BONE BROTH 4PK (2.120 OZ) LonoLife - Paleo Bone Broth Chicken - 4 Stick Pack(s)- 4 Stick Pack(s) (0.49 oz. / 14g Each) Crafted from hearty roasted bones, fresh vegetables and herbs such as chicory root, sage and thyme, LonoLife Paleo Bone Broth Chicken is packed with 8 grams of collagen-rich protein and 3 grams of fiber per serving. Packed with 10 grams of collagen-rich protein per serving from roasted bones, this is the perfect combination of authentic, nourishing bone broth with exploding flavor. At Lonolife, they take pride in providing a convenient and authentic bone broth for your on-the-go lifestyle. Their Stick Packs need nothing but a hot cup or bowl of water. Loaded with 10 g protein Provides collagen and amino acids Crafted from real roasted bones, fresh veggies, and herbs Gluten free, Paleo



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