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WILD PLANET Tuna Wild Petite In O Oil, 6.7 oz (Case of 3)

WILD PLANET Tuna Wild Petite In O Oil, 6.7 oz (Case of 3)

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A small species of wild tuna, our premium petite tonno tuna fillets are thickly cut and hand-packed with a touch of sea salt and pure olive oil in glass jars. These fillets have an exquisite texture and provide exceptional tuna flavor. Each 3oz serving contains 22g of protein and an average of 127mg DHA Omega‑3s. Ingredients Tuna (Auxis rochei & Auxis thazard), olive oil, sea saltFishing method Sustainably FAD*-Free vessel caught with almost no bycatch of other speciesHarvest Location Atlantic Ocean, working with fleets in Cape Verde off the west coast of Africa     *Fish Aggregating Devices (FADs) are man-made objects that attract fish often outside of the targeted species causing unintentional bycatch



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