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NAVITAS: Organic Chickpea Flour, 7 oz (Case of 3)

NAVITAS: Organic Chickpea Flour, 7 oz (Case of 3)

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 A recently beloved health food here in the West—thanks to its rich nutrients and gluten-free status—chickpea flour has been a staple ingredient in Indian and South Asian cooking for centuries. Also known as garbanzo bean flour, gram flour, and besan, chickpea flour is used across cultures to make a variety of dishes. Originating from Nice, France, socca is a popular street food that utilizes this gluten-free flour and olive oil to create a decadent chickpea pancake. Besan Ladoo is a delicious staple in Indian Cuisine that uses roasted chickpea flour and ghee to create a thick dough that is formed into a ball-shaped, melt-in-your-mouth delight. Not limited to only baked goods, garbanzo bean flour is also used to make sweet or savory fritters, vegetable pancakes, porridge, and stews! An incredibly versatile ingredient, we love using our gluten-free and grain-free Chickpea Flour in crackers, pancakes, crepes, veggie burgers, baking recipes, and more.Navitas Organics Chickpea Flour is made from the best quality dried chickpeas, grown in the USA with organic farming methods. This careful sourcing and processing give our Chickpea Flour its robust, mildly sweet, and nutty flavor—making it the most flavorful chickpea flour on the market! It's an excellent upgrade from all-purpose flour, offering a great flavor and important nutrients including protein, minerals, and fiber. Garbanzo flour makes a perfect gluten-free flour due to its natural gluten-like properties. It’s a particularly great ingredient in vegan recipes, as its binding properties are very similar to eggs. Enjoy Navitas Organics Chickpea Flour in gluten-free recipes and recipes that call for chickpea flour.



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