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Elementa Silver Dental Mints Peppermint, 60 Pc (Case of 4)

Elementa Silver Dental Mints Peppermint, 60 Pc (Case of 4)

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Protect your mouth all day long with Elementa's Dental Mints. These dentist formulated mints keep your oral PH at higher and more alkaline levels between brushing while also keeping your breath date-ready! Our dental care products are completely sugar-free, non-GMO, gluten-free, and vegan-friendly making them a completely guilt-free treat that will make leave your mouth feeling fresh and healthy.   Dentist formulated to assist in keeping your oral pH at alkaline levels, these guilt-free, easy-to-eat mints ensure that your mouth is as its best condition between bouts of brushing at all times. Maintaining your oral health has never been this easy or this tasty!



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