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La Preferida Bean Hominy White, 29 Oz (Case of 4)

La Preferida Bean Hominy White, 29 Oz (Case of 4)

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This Mexican cooking staple is known for it’s sponge-like quality which allows it to soak in the essence of your favorite dish – like sauces and spices. White Hominy is commonly used to plump up soups and stews or ground down to create masa or grits. The mild, nutty flavor makes it ideal substitute for beans in any dish! Hominy is made by soaking corn kernels in a lime water solution, which causes them to plump and loosen the hull (outer shell.) When the shell is removed, hominy can be ground into a paste or flour. The flour is commonly used to make the masa for tamales. UNIQUE FLAVORAlthough it’s derived from corn kernels, hominy has a distinctly nutty, chewy, and sponge-like quality. Infused with a little bit of lime and salt, it makes the perfect mild-mannered addition to any dish. VERSATILE PRODUCTHominy is great substitute for noodles or rice to bulk up soups and stews. Grind it up and it dry out into a powder which can be used to make tamale or tortilla dough. Stir fry with veggies and seasonings. Add to salads and casseroles for new twist! CONSCIOUS PACKAGINGOur cans are made with BPA-free lining.



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