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LA MOLISANA Linguine 6, 500 gm (Case of 4)

LA MOLISANA Linguine 6, 500 gm (Case of 4)

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Before being ground, the grain is stone-shelled and carefully purified, reaching very high safety and health standards. The result of the numerous grinding phases is very pure semolina, with an amber yellow color, with a pleasantly grainy consistency, perfect to be mixed with water with low mineral characteristics originating in the heart of the Matese Massif. Molise, in fact, is due to its physical characteristics an ideal land for the production of pasta, as evidenced by the proliferation of factories and mills already at the beginning of the last century. An important tradition of "maccaronai" that La Molisana has collected and perpetuated in the name of Quality.This is the raw material that characterizes our pasta, a product rich in high proteins, which holds cooking perfectly, with a gently wrinkled surface that wisely attracts and retains condiments and is suitable for any type of preparation. Like our  Linguine 6.Also known as bavette or trenette,  linguine belong to the same family as spaghetti, from which they differ in the section which, instead of being cylindrical, is flat. In practice, it is squashed spaghetti with a rectangular section with a medium thickness. Compared to linguine, trenette has a square section, a greater thickness, and a smaller width. The format seems to have Ligurian origins, in particular, Genoese, and is notoriously combined with pesto or fish sauces.In the collective imagination they are associated with a combination of fish:  linguine with lobster or rock or seafood,  scampi and clams, or even simply with lemon. Try the recipe for linguine with cuttlefish ink.Our bronze Linguine 6 is pleasantly full-bodied, slightly thicker than the classic one, and perfect when paired with crispy ham and melon pearls.



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