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2Ct Papermate Micro Correction Tape (Pack of 10)

2Ct Papermate Micro Correction Tape (Pack of 10)

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Quickly cover your mistakes when you're on-the-go with Liquid Paper DryLine Micro Correction Tape. This correction tape dispenser features a compact design that fits easily into pencil cases, book bags, and many other forms of storage. The tape goes down absolutely smooth and corrects instantly with no mess, so you never need to wait for it to dry before copying, rewriting, or retyping. You will also enjoy an ergonomic shape that fits comfortably in your hand providing a secure hold for added control. And here's a tip for the best corrections: place your paper on a firm, flat surface and slowly roll the applicator over the error using firm, even pressure. Do-overs done right, it's like mistakes were never even there. Pack of 2.
Product Type: Liquid Paper
Recommended Grade: Grade K+
Recommended Age: 5+ Years


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