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20" Teeth Down Crust Busting Snow Shovel

20" Teeth Down Crust Busting Snow Shovel

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  • Multi-purpse design removes hard packed snow and ice
  • Works great as a snow pusher and scoop
  • Easy bolt action swivel mechanism makes it easy to switch blades
  • Reduces the time and energy you spend shoveling snow
  • Shovel sharpens itself and becomes more effective with use


Turn the teeth down, tear the tracks up! Nothing does a better job at tearing up hard packed snow than the patented dual purpose 20" Teeth Down Crust Busting Snow Shovel. The Teeth Down Shovel is 2 shovels in 1. The shark tooth blade tears up hard packed snow and makes an excellent snow pursher while the straight blade can be used for stairs and clean up.

Is this a pusher or a scooper-type shovel?

It's both. Use the shovel with the teeth down for pushing snow and for crust busting power. Flip the head to the straight blade for clean up and scooping.

Is the shark tooth blade only for packed snow removal?

No, it makes an excellent snow pusher as well.




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