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20 CT. T.W. Lab-Created Ruby &Lab-Created White Sapphire Sterling Silver Bracelet

20 CT. T.W. Lab-Created Ruby &Lab-Created White Sapphire Sterling Silver Bracelet

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  • 20 ct. t.w.

  • Sterling silver

  • Lab ruby: 6mm cushions

  • Lab white sapphire: 2.75mm rounds

  • Stone quantity: 60

  • High polished

  • 7.5" length bracelet

  • Shipped in jewelry gift box


Elevate any outfit with this elegant and sophisticated lab ruby and white sapphire bracelet set in high polished sterling silver. This fabulous bracelet can dress up any outfit and will transition well from the workplace to a night of “painting the town red”. The bracelet features 20 sparkling cushion cut lab-created rubies and 40 round lab white sapphires. This 20 CT. T.W lab-created ruby & lab-created white sapphire sterling silver bracelet is definitely a crowd pleaser. Ruby has become the most sought-after stone in the world by European royalty and the upper classes. Many medieval Europeans wore Rubies to ‘guarantee’ health, wealth, wisdom and success in love.

What is a lab-created ruby? Lab-made rubies are made of corundum and have the same hues with intense pinks and reds that natural rubies are known for. However, whereas natural rubies will have stains and other imperfections, lab created rubies are almost always perfect. This is an ideal, cost-efficient option to garner the same look of natural rubies, but without having to compromise on quality, sustainability, ethics, and cost. Lab rubies and lab white sapphires are an ethical and sustainable option that has become very popular in today’s society.

What is the history of rubies? 

The name "ruby" comes from the Latin word ‘ruber’, which means ‘red’. Rubies are mentioned four times in the Bible, in association with attributes like beauty and wisdom. Whether it be a friend, mother, girlfriend, teacher, colleague, daughter, grandmother, granddaughter, sister, or Aunt, rubies are an ideal gift choice to show your appreciation to someone you admire. Rubies have been referred to as the “King of Gems”. The unmistakable deep red/pink color has also earned the gem the nickname ‘The Gem of Love’. Makes a great gift for an anniversary, birthday, graduation, or appreciation gift. 

What was the designer’s inspiration? 

The designer having recently rewatched the movie ""The Wizard of Oz"", recalled having a pair of Dorothy’s ruby slippers for dress-up when she was young. Having brought these memories back to life, the designer was inspired to create this ruby bracelet. Rubies have been thought to remove sadness, prevent nightmares, and protect against many illnesses. Although, we can vouch for this bracelet’s beauty, strength, and durability we cannot guarantee that wearing this bracelet will keep you safe from the Wicked Witch. But it’s worth a try!

How to clean your 20 ct. t.w. Lab-Created Ruby &Lab-Created White Sapphire Sterling Silver Bracelet? Gently rinse your bracelet with mild dish soap and warm water, using a soft toothbrush to scrub behind the stones. Rinse with warm water to remove all soap residue and let dry for a few hours before wearing it or storing it.

Our story: Dealing in the finest jewelry, silver, gold, diamonds and gemstones, we have established a reputation for quality in the jewelry industry. Our designers, jewelers, and gemologists travel the world for you to curate conflict-free gemstones as well as ethically-sourced diamonds. Founded in 1977, we pride ourselves in keeping our business family-owned and operated. Our unique designs are a culmination of 45 years of manufacturing experience.



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