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Bob's Red Mill Whole Grain Teff, 24 oz (Case of 3)

Bob's Red Mill Whole Grain Teff, 24 oz (Case of 3)

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Whole Grain Teff is a tiny, protein-rich grain that has been a staple of Ethiopian cooking for thousands of years. Teff is traditionally used to make injera, a popular flatbread in Ethiopia. It has a mild, nutty flavor and is excellent in porridge or stew.Add a little adventure to everyday meals with teff, an ancient grain that originated in Ethiopia circa 4000 BC to 1000 BC. Brown teff (Tef, T’ef) is an ancient East African cereal grass and a nutritional powerhouse. It is the smallest grain in the world (about 100 seeds are the size of a kernel of wheat!), but a 1/4 cup serving provides 7 grams of protein. Its high concentration of essential amino acids makes it an excellent choice for those seeking plant-based protein, such as athletes like long-distance runners.The bran and germ, where the nutrients are concentrated, account for a larger volume of the seed compared to more familiar grains. It’s a good source of calcium, vitamin B6, amino acids, and zinc and an excellent source of iron and magnesium. Teff is also a good source of dietary fiber and contains resistant starch, which may provide health benefits including maintaining blood sugar levels.Teff is naturally gluten-free, but we also process and package it in our dedicated gluten-free facility and put it through R5 ELISA testing multiple times to check that it meets our strict standards. It’s an excellent addition to a gluten-free diet.With a mild, nutty flavor and lots of calcium, protein, and fiber, whole grain teff is a great addition to porridge, stews, pilaf, or baked goods. Cooked whole grain teff makes a unique hot breakfast cereal similar in consistency and texture to wheat farina. Teff can be made into polenta, added to veggie burgers, cakes, cookies, bread, and injera.Delicious and quick cooking, teff is a wonderful way to replace refined grains with something a bit exotic. It cooks up in just 15-20 minutes, making it a convenient part of a gluten-free lifestyle—or of anyone who wants to add whole grains to their diet! For a simple salad, toss the cooked grain with extra-virgin olive oil, garlic, vinegar, and fresh herbs. Top with roasted vegetables and/or a simple grilled protein to create a full meal you’ll love. Find more recipes on our site!



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