Voltaren Arthritis Gel Tube - 12.34 oz

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  • 1% of what? Nowhere do I see what the active ingredients are. That sounds like bad medicine to no disclose that information.

    1% of Active ingredient - Diclofenac sodium (NSAID*) (equivalent to 0.93% diclofenac).

  • can it be used if you are on heart medications?

    In case of disease please contact your doctor, before using any medications.

  • Is there 5 tubes or it is it 5 of what is in the picture?

    There are totally 3 tubes, that totally contains 12.34 oz of the product.

  • how often do i use this

    It is intended to be used 4 times a day everyday for up to 21 days.

  • Is this the Same product as is sold in Canada, the tube from Canada does not say Arthritis Pain on it but looks EXACTLY the same otherwise other than saying ORIGINAL.

    Sorry, we can't get info about what is sold in Canada.
    Manufacturer can provide different products to different countries depending on local regulations.

  • Can you purchase one

    Yes, you may.

  • Can Voltaren be used for those with blood issues, ITP?

    We suggest you should ask a doctor before use.
    You can get detailed information here - https://www.drugs.com/otc/1499172/voltaren-arthritis-pain.html

  • Can Voltaire’s be used for other things beside arthritis. Such as acne

    Sure no. It should be used for purposes as described following instructions.

  • What strength is this Voltaren?

    Active ingredient:
    Diclofenac sodium (NSAID*) 1% (equivalent to 0.93% diclofenac)
    *nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug

  • How much in a tube?

    There are 3 tubes - 2 tubes with amount of 5.29 oz and one with amount of 1.76 oz.

  • Do you get 2 - 5oz tubes and the small tube for 49.99?

    Right - 2 tubes with 5.29 oz each and 1 tube with 1.76 oz.

  • Is this the same strength as the prescription dose

    Strength in percents should be specified in your prescription. This one has 1% concentration.

  • It says per unit? Does that mean the 12.34oz for $50?


  • how many grams total

    350 g in total

Voltaren Arthritis Gel Tube - 12.34 oz


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    Relieves arthritis joint pain while improving mobility and reducing stiffness


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