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TYME Triangle Hair Brush

TYME Triangle Hair Brush

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  • Triangle brush
  • Lifting hair from the root to the scalp for easy styling
  • Volume and rounding out the ends on pixie-length hairstyles


Short hair meets big results with the TYME Triangle Hair Brush. Create lift and volume with this unique three-sided shape! The triangle shape helps lift hair from the root to the scalp for easy styling. Perfect for creating volume and rounding out the ends on pixie-length hairstyles. Yes, we now live in a world where a triangle can create a round shape! The non-slip handle with a magnetic feature makes for easy, clutter-free storage. The triangle shape is engineered to easily grab short hair, creating volume while rounding out the ends. Short hair shouldn’t take forever to style so start saving TYME with the triangle brush.


"A lot of women with short hair can’t get the volume they desire with the typical round brushes. They can’t get close enough to the scalp to get the lift they need. I created the TYME Triangle Brush to help women grab their hair from the root for voluminous looks. The non-slip grip makes it easy to hold and use on yourself or others. Unlike some of the other brushes, this brush doesn’t need boar bristles. The triangular shape of this brush creates natural tensions so it can pick up even the shortest and finest of hairs.

I created all of the brushes we offer at one time to ensure every hair need is met. With all four brushes, you can create any style and look."

How to Use

Create any look:

Use the triangle shape to help you straighten, bend, or curl your hair during blowouts. 

Take it slow:

Since your hair will dry faster, use a medium to low airflow so you have TYME to style hair before it dries. 

Control your styling:

The stiff bristles give you full control as you style your hair. 

Free-up drawer space:

Hang the brush on any magnetic surface for easy, gravity-defying storage.


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