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Tim Hortons Variety K-Cup Coffee Pods (90 ct.)

Tim Hortons Variety K-Cup Coffee Pods (90 ct.)

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  • Includes 100% Colombian, Original Blend, Dark Roast, French Vanilla, and Bold Roast Coffee - Single serve coffee pods
  • 100% premium Arabica coffee beans roasted with care
  • Compatible with any Keurig® coffee machine
  • Recyclable in select locations
  • Also available in ground or whole bean coffee bags


For over 50 years, the signature flavor in Tim Hortons premium blend coffee has been created using a unique blend of 100% Arabica beans. Selected from the world's most renowned coffee growing regions, our beans are expertly blended and roasted with care to deliver a great cup of Tim Hortons coffee every time.

The Story of Tim Hortons Coffee Shops

We were founded by one of Canada's most celebrated hockey stars, Tim Hortons. In 1964, Tim opened a coffee and donut shop in his neighborhood setting out to create a place where anyone could go at any time and feel at home. A place where the door was always open for neighbors to pop by, where there was always a pot of coffee on (a fresh pot every 20 minutes to be exact). That single coffee shop became such a favorite that more locations soon began to open in neighborhoods across Canada, then the US, and now parts all over the world.

The Coffee

We couldn't be prouder to brew Canada's favorite coffee. Whether you need a coffee fix each morning or want to relax in the afternoon, you can always count on us for a fresh, great-tasting cup. No matter where you are in the world, our K-Cups bring you the taste of Tim Hortons at home.

The Signature Taste

Tim Hortons Original hasn't changed in over 50 years, and is such a secret that only three people (and we're not telling who!) know the recipe. The coffee team tastes more than 500 cups every single day to ensure that every cup tastes the same.


90 K-Cup pods of Tim Hortons variety signature coffee

Original Blend, Dark Roast, Bold Roast, 100% Colombian:


100% Arabica Coffee

French Vanilla:


100% Arabica Coffee, Artificial Vanilla Flavor



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