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Tide PODS + Febreze Liquid Laundry Detergent Pacs, Spring & Renewal (104 ct.)

Tide PODS + Febreze Liquid Laundry Detergent Pacs, Spring & Renewal (104 ct.)

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  • Tide's #1 odor remover
  • Features 4-in-1 technology
  • Dissolves in all temperatures
  • Powerful clean in one step
  • Wonderful scent experience that lasts


Tide PODS Plus Febreze Freshness laundry detergent pacs are designed to fight stains and tough, set-in odors in one wash while providing freshness that lasts 3x longer*. Featuring 4-in-1 technology, each pac cleans, brightens fabrics, fights stains and eliminates sunk-in stink with innovative, odor-eliminating formula. This convenient laundry detergent is Tide's #1 odor remover so it helps eliminate even week-old sweat odors at their source and infuse your favorite clothes with your favorite Spring & Renewal scent. Also, thanks to the special film and HE Turbo technology with quick-collapsing suds, the capsules dissolve completely in all temperatures and do not produce excess suds. For a surprisingly powerful clean in 1 step and a wonderful scent experience that lasts, Tide PODS Plus Febreze is the all-in-one solution for you.


Reformulated to remove even week-old sweat odors

Provides freshness that lasts 3x longer (vs. Tide Original)

10x cleaning power (stain removal of one Tide PODS in quick cycle vs. 10 doses of the leading bargain liquid detergent, base variant, in normal wash cycle)

Dissolves completely in any water conditions

Works in all washing machines

Keep out of reach of children

*vs. Tide Original



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