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Sweet Baby Ray's Barbecue Sauce (1 gal.)

Sweet Baby Ray's Barbecue Sauce (1 gal.)

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  • One-gallon jug of tangy BBQ sauce
  • Great for burgers, fries, ribs, and more
  • Award-winning BBQ sauce
  • Great for basting or dipping


Do you and your family love Sweet Baby Ray's® Barbecue Sauce? Do you use it on multiple meals each week? Maybe you're planning to have a gathering of friends and family for a cookout this weekend and you need to have a lot of this sauce on hand for cooking and for dipping. Maybe you just want to buy smart and have a lot of the Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce available for when you need it. If that's the case, this one-gallon is a perfect choice. As they say, The Sauce is the Boss®!

How Can You Use Sweet Baby Ray's Sauce?

Try putting this award-winning sauce on your chicken or your ribs when you are grilling. Thanks to the delicious and tangy taste, you can use the Sweet Baby Ray's sauce for your burgers, as a dip for your fries and a dip for chicken nuggets, chicken strips, and so much more. You will find that this could quickly become one of the most favored condiments you have in the fridge.

Looking to Add Some Spice to Your Life?

Those who want to have a little bit of spice in their life may want to consider getting some of the Sweet Baby Ray's Hot Sauce for the fridge, as well. It can be a good option when you want a little more heat.

Large One-Gallon Size

If you're like most people, you won't be using all of this sauce at a single time unless you are planning a huge barbecue. Most will use some for cooking and dipping here and there, and this just provides them with a convenient way to get the sauce they need. It is still capable of fitting into a standard refrigerator and is easy to pour out when you need some.


One gallon jug


Gourmet sauce



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