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Smoked New Zealand King Salmon, 1.1lb fillets, 2-count, 2.2 lbs total

Smoked New Zealand King Salmon, 1.1lb fillets, 2-count, 2.2 lbs total

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Manuka, or New Zealand Tea Tree, is a small resilient tree with pointy leaves and white flowers. Manuka wood has a long tradition of being used for smoking fish and game meats in New Zealand. The deep and rich flavor is beautifully presented in our Regal smoked salmon.All of our King Salmon are single-origin sourced and have a very high natural oil content, which creates a silky and luxurious smoked salmon. Pair with traditional accompaniments for brunch or serve for a light meal. Or go with the classic smoked salmon and bagels with your favorite toppings.Features:2x, 1.1lb Smoked Salmon FilletsPremium quality Smoked King Salmon from New ZealandClean and simple ingredients: cured with sea salt and brown sugar and smoked with manuka woodNew Zealand King Salmon is a Seafood Watch “Best Choice”Great for healthy, light meals and appetizer trays when entertainingUse within 30 days of thawingFillets are pre-sliced and ready to serve after thawing

Features: 2x 1.1 lb Fillets Premium Quality Smoked King Salmon From New Zealand Cured with Sea Salt and Brown Sugar, Smoked with Manuka Wood Arrives Pre-sliced & Ready to Serve, Use within 30 days of thawing Ships Frozen



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