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Seville Classics UltraHD 2.5" Steel Levels with Rubber Base (Set of 4)

Seville Classics UltraHD 2.5" Steel Levels with Rubber Base (Set of 4)

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  • Height of base: 1"
  • Height of rubber pad: 0.25"
  • Each leveler weighs 7.6 oz.
  • Crafted from steel and rubber
  • Compatible only with Seville Classics UltraHD line


Stabilize your Seville Classics UltraHD® workbench, work center or cabinet with our 2.5-Inch steel levelers. These large 2.5” diameter levelers screw into the base of your Seville Classics UltraHD® workbench, work center, and/or cabinet unit replacing the wheels or prior levelers for a more stable and sturdy experience. They provide a sense of ease knowing your UltraHD item is secured in place while you work. 

Levelers measure at a 2.5-inch diameter and have a .25” thick rubber base, making them the perfect stable solution for any work centers, workbenches, or cabinets (see compatibility list). Measuring at 2.75"" high the overall unit has a 1” steel base and a 1.75” steel threaded top with a screw diameter of 13.6 mm. Our levelers are made with crafted steel for a more durable, and sturdy overall construction. When in use, the .25” rubber bases will allow the item to stay in place, providing both an anti-slip functionality and floor protection from scratches and denting. 

Designed exclusively for Seville Classics UltraHD® products (see compatibility list below). So whether you are looking to add or replace the stability of your UltraHD workbench or may just need to store more items in your workstation or tall cabinets, these levels are sure to bring out the max capacity to your UltraHD Lineup.

Compatibility List:

UltraHD® 72"" Wide Commercial Workbenches: 20146B (980058598), 20156B (980078843), 20206B (588596), 20292B (980179267), 20293B (990001949)

UltraHD® 48"" Wide Commercial Workbenches: 20139 (980276059), 20182B (980120503), 20257B (918989), 20287B ( 919008), 20288B (980029841)

UltraHD® 48"" Wide Lighted Workcenter: 20147B (980089114), 20246B (664131), 20247B (415765), 20276B (30454), 20277B (30473)

UltraHD® 36"" Wide Mobile Workstation: 20183B (980249200), 20283B (532072)

UltraHD® Tall Cabinets: 16221B (769325), 16234B (588589), 16236B (694653), 16238B (372433), 20133B (980244214), 20143B (980053437), 20148B (980058597), 20153B (980078841), 20158B (980078838), 20162B (980232983), 20163B (980232984), 20260B (980276015), 20261B (990002855), WEB519 (980131838)

UltraHD® Locker Cabinet: 20294B (980089112)

UltraHD® Rolling Cabinet: 20145B (980089111), 20147B (980257470), 20159B (980232985), 20204B (896201), 20205B (440349), 20210B (980038165), 20213B (990001951), 20235B (990001878), 20240B (990002665), 20227B (101267)

Are these levels easy to install?

Yes, installation is easy and quick! Simply screw in these levels to install and bring some needed stability to your UltraHD work station or cabinet.

Do these levelers have a non-skid base?

Yes, these levels have a 0.25” rubber base that both adds stability and protection to the floor to prevent any dents or scratches.


Overall Size: 2.5" diameter x 2.75" overall height

These UltraHD levelers can maximize your items storage weight capacity

Stable non-skid bases

Rubber bases can help prevent scratches and dents in the floor



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