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Playtex Sport Tampons, Unscented - Regular (96 ct.)

Playtex Sport Tampons, Unscented - Regular (96 ct.)

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  • Playtex Sport Tampons Regular Absorbency
  • 360 sport level protection tampon design to fit your body and its every move for a protective leakage barrier
  • FlexFit interlocking fibers work quickly to trap leaks
  • Contoured applicator for comfortable, precise placement
  • Unscented tampon and no synthetic fragrances
  • Leak defense anti-leak back up layer for extra protection


Playtex Sport is the #1 athletic tampon! The 360° FlexFit design expands to fit your body and move with you, so your period can't slow you down.

Playtex Sport is designed to move with your body and keep you leak-free even as your activity increases. They're also perfect for swimming and other activities you wouldn't be able to do in a pad. People always ask, "How often should I change my tampon?" the answer is, every 4 to 8 hours! These tampons are safe to wear overnight for up to 8 hours.

When choosing a tampon, You should always opt for the lowest absorbency you need to control your flow. If your flow is light to medium, try our regular tampons.


  • Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water and then unwrap the tampon. The slim applicator tip should be rounded and strings should hang out the bottom of the No-Slip Grip Applicator. If you notice any flaws, do not use.
  • After you have inserted the tampon, place the used applicator back into the discreet wrapper and throw away. DO NOT FLUSH THE PLASTIC APPLICATOR. Any discomfort? The tampon may not be far enough inside. If this happens, just remove the tampon and try again with a new one. You won't feel anything when the tampon is correctly in place. Do not flush the used tampon in the toilet. Wrap the tampon in toilet paper and place it in a waste container. Wash hands: Remember to always wash your hands after removing or inserting tampons.
  • Inactive Ingredients
  • Rayon and/or Cotton Fiber, Polyester or Cotton String, Polysorbate 20
  • Includes:
  • 2 - 48 ct. packs
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