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Nature's Truth Peppermint Pure Essential Oil Twin Pack (2 pk., 2 fl. oz./pk.)

Nature's Truth Peppermint Pure Essential Oil Twin Pack (2 pk., 2 fl. oz./pk.)

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  • Excellent value – an aromatherapy must-have!
  • Perfect for use in essential oil diffusers, massages, baths, & more
  • Refreshing aroma to revitalize mind, body, & spirit
  • Pure plant-based essential oil
  • Exclusive value size available ONLY at Sam’s Club!


Bask in the minty cool aroma of Nature’s Truth Peppermint pure essential oil. The scent of peppermint is unmistakable and refreshing, helping to awaken the senses, enliven your outlook, and give your day some pep!

What Are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are the essences of plants and give the plant its color and/or fragrance. Extracted from the leaf, flower, root, or other part using distillation and steaming methods, each oil has its own unique aroma. Essential Oils are prominent in the practices of aromatherapy and meditation, and in everything from DIY room sprays and cleaning recipes to skin care and exercise routines.

Nature’s Truth Pure Peppermint Essential

Oil Peppermint essential oil always has been, and most likely, always will be an aromatherapy staple. Those starting out will find Peppermint to be a versatile essential oil, characterized by its minty fresh aroma and as an invigorating addition to everyday life. Nature’s Truth Peppermint Oil is paraben-free, non-GMO, gluten-free, and quality assured. The only ingredient is pure peppermint oil, sourced from Mentha piperita.

How to Use Essential Oils

The variety of uses for essential oils is practically endless! From topical uses to pillow spritzers and car fresheners, here are some of the easiest and most common ways to use Peppermint Oil.


Add water and 3-5 drops of Peppermint Oil to your diffuser and turn it on. Then sit back, relax, and breathe in its wonderful aroma.


Before massaging Peppermint Oil into your skin, dilute it by mixing it with a luxurious carrier or base oil, like coconut oil or sweet almond oil. Prepare to indulge in pure relaxation and skin care bliss!

Bath & Shower

Sprinkle a few drops of Peppermint Oil into warm bath water, or onto a washcloth before stepping into a steamy shower. Let the water hit the washcloth and invigorate your routine with minty freshness.

GC/MS Tested & Quality Guaranteed

Nature’s Truth essential oils undergo sophisticated quality checks, including GC/MS testing. GC/MS, short for Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry testing, ensures an essential oil’s quality by identifying each component within the oil, determining its purity, and pinpointing its botanical name so it may be accurately identified on the label. This Peppermint Oil is sourced directly from the peppermint plant, Mentha piperita.

Nature’s Truth Essential Oils

Nature’s Truth is a leading wellness brand dedicated to bringing you the best quality essential oils, along with vitamins and supplements, at affordable prices. Nature’s Truth delivers plant-based, GC/MS tested, non-GMO essential oils, with no parabens or artificial fragrances. Only the best botanicals are included, and each is completely unadulterated and extracted directly from the plant source.


2 pk., 2 fl. oz./pk.

4 fl. oz. total

59 milliliters per bottle

118 milliliters total


GC/MS tested & quality assured

Plant based oil

Pure essential oil derived from the peppermint plant,

Mentha piperita

Use as directed



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