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Member's Mark Acetaminophen PM Gelcaps (375 ct.)

Member's Mark Acetaminophen PM Gelcaps (375 ct.)

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  • Extra strength
  • Contains acetaminophen and diphendramine HCl
  • Pain reliever
  • Nighttime sleep aid
  • Helps with minor aches and pains


Sleep better at night with less pain with the Member's Mark Nighttime Sleep Aid PM Extra Strength Gelcaps Sleep Aid. It provides temporary relief of aches and pains that can cause sleeplessness. This 375-ct Members Mark acetaminophen is rapid release, so you'll fall asleep sooner.

This product is for adults and children 12 years or older. Do not give this product to children under 12 years old. This product is intended to relieve minor aches and pains that are accompanied by sleeplessness. Minor aches and pains include headaches, muscle aches, menstrual cramps and pain associated with colds and the flu.

How much acetaminophen is in each of these gelcaps?

Each gelcap has 500mg of acetaminophen.

What is the ingredient in this product that will help me sleep?

There is 25mg of diphenhydramine HCl in each caplet. Diphenhydramine causes downsiness.

What does Rapid Release mean?

These Rapid Release gelcaps are designed to work quickly, so you can feel better and fall asleep quickly.

Is it OK to use this product every day?

Member's Mark Nighttime Sleep Aid PM Extra Strength Gelcaps are intended for occasional use when you have minor aches and pains accompanied by sleeplessness. If you have chronic pain or chronic sleeplessness, consult with your doctor.




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