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Health Garden Organic Raw Agave Sweetener (23 oz.)

Health Garden Organic Raw Agave Sweetener (23 oz.)

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  • 100% organic raw agave
  • Healthier substitute for white sugar
  • Dissolves more easily than honey
  • No harmful additives
  • Low glycemic response; safe for diabetics in moderation
  • Non GMO
  • Sugar free
  • Gluten free
  • Low to zero glycemic index


Experience the amazing benefits of this superior sweetener. This organic, raw agave nectar and is sweeter than both sugar and honey which means you can use less in your baking and cooking. Enjoy all your favorite foods worry-free!

Natural, 100% Organic Sweetener

Health Garden’s Organic Blue Agave Sweetener is commercially produced from several species of Agave, including Agave Tequilana and Agave Salmiana. Quality is important to Health Garden which is why their sweeteners are 100% organic, making them fresher, richer in nutrients, better for the environment and safer for you to eat.

Supports a Healthy Lifestyle

Health Garden manufactures 100% natural, low glycemic sweeteners that are free of artificial chemicals and are rich in nutrients. The low GI of this sweetener prevents overeating by promoting fullness and prevents the common post-sugar crash. Because this organic agave sweetener is a healthier substitute to white sugar and dissolves more easily than honey, you can get your sugar fix without experiencing the downsides. This agave sweetener is perfect for health-conscious individuals and is safe for anyone with celiac disease, gluten intolerance or gluten sensitivity.

Many Uses for Home Cooks or Restaurant Chefs

You’ll absolutely love the distinctive sweet taste, versatility and health benefits of organic raw agave. Use it for baked goods, breakfast foods (hot cereal, oatmeal, waffles, pancakes), beverages (coffee, hot tea, iced tea, juices, smoothies) and fresh fruits. Place it tableside as a condiment next to the salt and pepper. Raw agave can be used for any dish or drink where a sweetener is called for. In addition to being a great home kitchen staple, it’s equally useful for restaurants, commercial kitchens and other foodservice settings.


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  • : Organic Blue, Agave Nectar



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