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Glenda's Farmhouse Whole Natural Unsalted/Unroasted Cashews (26 oz.)

Glenda's Farmhouse Whole Natural Unsalted/Unroasted Cashews (26 oz.)

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  • Use the unsalted cashew nuts as a substitute for peanuts
  • Great as a snack
  • An excellent substitute for milk and cheese
  • 26 oz. bag


Glenda's Farmhouse Whole Natural Unsalted/Unroasted Cashews are a unique addition to any kitchen. They are the optimum choice for those looking to incorporate healthy ingredients to their day, with no compromise in flavor or quality. The natural cashews are amazing in many dishes. Use them as an addition to any stir fry or baked treats for a flavorful crunch. They are vegan and gluten-free. Use cashews as a substitute for milk, cheeses and many dairy-based recipes. Roast cashews at home with unique flavors and spices for nutritious snacking.

What Can You Do with Glenda's Farmhouse Whole Natural Unsalted/Unroasted Cashews?

With these unroasted cashews, there are dozens of flavors they can be roasted in. Pair garlic and Italian spices with your cashews for a rich flavor. Blend your spiced cashews into an indulgent cream. With a similar texture to cream cheese, this savory spread would pair well with a slice of flaxseed toast or as a dip for crisp carrots and celery. Get really indulgent and make a fresh cashew mozzarella from scratch. This soft nut cheese is a tasty alternative to dairy cheese. Use your newly made cashew cream to top tacos or as an alternative on pizza. Add some spinach, tomatoes and red onion for a vegetarian pizza that will please the whole crowd.

Are Glenda's Farmhouse Whole Natural Unsalted/Unroasted Cashews Healthy?

Roast cashews without any added flavors and use them as a foundation to cashew cold brew coffee and give your morning the sweet jumpstart it deserves. Use Glenda's natural cashews as a healthy base for many ice creams. Make flavors from mint chip to cookie dough, have fun and get creative with dozens of combinations and flavors. Nut butter is perfect on everything from bagels to toast. Make your own homemade cashew chocolate cream spread for a rich and creamy brunch treat. Keep things interesting with cashew cream and banana grilled sandwiches for your next breakfast. With no additives or sugar, Glenda's Farmhouse Whole Natural Cashews are excellent as a quality snack on the go and as a healthy substitute in many recipes.


  • Natural Cashews can be used in vegan dishes as a dairy substitute from cream to cheese sauce
  • You can add as an ingredient to any recipe calling for tree nuts
  • You can roast and flavor at home
  • First Quality Fancy While White 240s, means 240 Cashews per pound
  • a light pale ivory color
  • Top grade product from our trusted partner manufacturers
  • These are unique and special because there are no added ingredients
  • Great as a snack, or an ingredient
  • packed by a family owned company since 1944, we use this same food to feed our own families!



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