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Egg Whites International Universal Egg Whites Pump, 6 ea

Egg Whites International Universal Egg Whites Pump, 6 ea

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**//{Europa Note: This is a direct ship product. This product is not stored on site. Contact your rep today to add this to your order. }\\** Universal Egg Whites Pump, 6 Pack.


Measurements: Pump delivers one ounce of liquid Egg Whites per pump or one (1) whole egg per pump. Use 8 pumps for a perfect 8-ounce protein drink and 26 grams of pure protein (3.25 grams of protein per pump) For cooking and baking: Figure one (1) pump for each egg needed in recipe. To Clean: Take pump apart and clean with soap and hot water. Pump hot soapy water thru the pump several times to clean tube area completely. To rinse, hold end of pump in hot water and pump hot water back into the sink. This will flush out any soap from the pump tube. Now pump is ready to use on next bottle. Be sure to shake your new bottle of Egg Whites before putting the pump on. Once in a while a single drop of Egg Whites may drip out of the tip of the Pump after it is used. If this drop dries at the end of the pump, it may clog the tip and keep it from pumping properly. You can use a toothpick to remove this dry drop from the end of spout. if you are having problems with the pump, please contact us for help. 99% of the time, it is something we can fix over the phone. NOTE: The 3' tube at the bottom is a removable extension to convert from Gallon to half Gallon bottle. The Pump is not broken if the tube should come off in the bottle or the sink. Just plug it back into the end of the main pump tube.


Do not discard pump extension.



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