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Belle Verde Capistrano Artificial Grass by Linear Foot (1' L X 15' W)

Belle Verde Capistrano Artificial Grass by Linear Foot (1' L X 15' W)

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  • 1 3/4" pile height
  • 15' wide roll, order in linear feet
  • UV resistant and weather resistant
  • Artificial grass installation must be done by buyer, not included in cost of shipping


Belle Verde Capistrano Artificial Grass by Linear Foot (1' L X 15' W) will take your drab, lifeless space—indoor or outdoor—and turn it into a verdant, vibrant and lush landscape. Artificial grass turf has come a long way since the days where it was only associated with indoor baseball, soccer and football stadiums. It is now known as a sustainable and responsible alternative to grass. Not many people recognize the potentially destructive qualities of grass—it requires constant maintenance and copious amounts of water to keep it green, soft and attractive. This is a tremendous strain both on your personal resources and those of the environment. Belle Verde Capistrano Artificial Grass by Linear Foot, on the other hand, is a beautiful and environmentally-conscious alternative that checks all the boxes of aesthetics and softness while not demanding any maintenance, water or general care whatsoever.

How Do I Order An Artificial Grass Rug?

This product is sold in linear feet of single-foot increments. Each linear foot is 15 feet wide, so 1 linear foot equals 15 square feet total. Two linear feet equals 30 square feet total, three linear feet equals 45 square feet total, and on and on. If you want a smaller rug, you can easily cut the grass to any shape you like with a sharp blade.

What Is the Best Artificial Grass?

Artificial grass reviews are all over the place, but Belle Verde Capistrano Artificial Grass by Linear Foot is among the best artificial grass on the market. It is durable, strong and stands up to heavy use. It is a natural-looking combination of greens that mimics the appearance of real grass. It requires no maintenance to keep its shiny appearance and you'll never have to water or mow the lawn again.

How Much Does Artifical Grass Cost?

Fake grass costs far less than real grass, especially when considering the immense undertaking involved in maintaining real grass. Belle Verde Capistrano Artificial Grass by Linear Foot is only $2.60 per square foot, making it a much more affordable and easy alternative to real grass.



80 oz.

Type of yarn

Polyethelene Microfilament Yarn

Primary blade color

Field Green & Clover Green

Thatch blade color

Olive & Light Brown

Pile height

1 3/4"

Infill needed

Not specified


1' long x 15' wide; order by the foot

Priced by 1 Linear Foot (1 ln. ft. = 15 sq. ft).  Order 15 feet wide X any length (in 1 foot increments).  To request that your order is cut & delivered in specific lengths.  Call Belle Verde Customer Service after you place your online order.


UV resistant, weather resistant

Delivery notes

Shipping company will only deliver to curb; please have 2-3 people available to help unload and move to desired location (driver will not assist)


Side and back yards, roof gardens, patio areas, pet areas

Please note when you order two or more you will receive one roll of turf. For instance, if you order 2 you will receive one roll that is 2ftx15ft. Order 3 then it will be 3ftx15ft etc. Please call the toll free number if you need your order cut in different manner than listed above.

For a free sample or for additional questions or help in designing, estimating or installing your artificial turf grass project, please contact Belle Verde Customer Service - Toll Free at 855.SAMS.TURF (1.855.726.7887) or We can also refer you to Installation Professionals.

Our phones are open: Monday to Friday - 9am to 7pm and Saturday, from 9am to 1pm; Pacific Standard Time (PST).

Visit our website at to view design idea galleries, view and download tips and guides and take a few minutes to watch our installation video.



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