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PINOLE BLUE: Organic Blue Corn Sugar Cookies, 8.5 oz

PINOLE BLUE: Organic Blue Corn Sugar Cookies, 8.5 oz

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Azulitas are a take on traditional Mexican wedding cookies, but with a healthier, blue corn twist! Each cookie is crafted to have the perfect blend of sweetness, but made with all-natural, non-GMO, gluten-free, vegan-friendly ingredients. Rich in antioxidants and complex carbs, eat these organic, blue corn cookies guilt-free!Pinole, the ancient superfood of the Tarahumara Tribe, is the perfect source of all-natural energy to fuel you through the day or even a vigorous workout. The Tarahumara, an isolated tribe in Mexico best known for running up to 50 miles a day, rely on the nutrition from pinole to energize their long runs and rigorous lifestyle. Pinole Blue is proud to donate a portion of each and every sale back to the Tarahumara Tribe in the form of food, clothing, and other everyday essentials. Let Pinole Blue fuel you!



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