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Sante Nuts Cashew Cardamom, 5 oz

Sante Nuts Cashew Cardamom, 5 oz
Sante Nuts Cashew Cardamom, 5 oz


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Sante Nuts Cashew Cardamom, 5 oz


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    Chefs will tell you that when you have high quality ingredients, the most important thing to do is step out of the way and let them shine. We couldn’t agree more. That’s why we’ve kept our process simple since Sara was cooking nuts in her kitchen. We source only the highest quality nuts: freshly shelled, buttery texture, and a deep nutty flavor. However, the roasting technique used makes a world of difference. Under-roasted nuts lack development of flavor and texture while over-roasted nuts will taste bitter and burnt. We have developed a roasting process that brings out the superlative taste and texture of each nut—creamy and crunchy with the nuttiest flavor you’ll ever taste. We think of nut seasoning as an art form. Each flavor needs to balance perfectly and to highlight the nut. We like to use seasoning combinations that will bring out unexpected flavor notes; whether it’s buttery notes in our Cardamom Cashews or the natural sweetness of pecans in Sweet and Spicy Pecans. We obsess over each seasoning mix until we hit a perfect blend that’s deliciously enticing. You’ll keep marveling over what you’ve tasted until the last bite. We often recommend that you pick up a second bag for the ride home. Seriously, get two. You’ll thank us later.