El Guapo Ground Cumin, 2.13 oz

El Guapo Ground Cumin, 2.13 oz


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El Guapo Ground Cumin, 2.13 oz

El Guapo

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    Cumin is the dried fruit of the Cuminum cyminum plant that it is native to the Mediterranean and an annual member of the parsley family. The cumin seeds are green in color, small and slender in size, with a strong, pungent and slightly bitter flavor with the ability to change any dish. Traditional cuisines such as Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, Mexican, Indian and certain Chinese make Cumin their prominently used ingredient because of its mellow nutty taste. Cumin is a major ingredient used in curry powders, Sauerkraut bread, Sausage making and chili. Cumin can be added to give a distinctive flavor to salads, entrees, stews, soups as well as sauces, meats, vegetables, and legumes and can be used in the same way as Caraway. Make sure you use cumin when making homemade spices and use regularly in cooking. Use sparingly, since cumin is very strong and even a pinch packs a punch.


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